"This is why you've got to love Larry Spencer. He makes every person he photographs look like a movie star."
Janet Sturgill

 Santa Clara, California 


"One week later and our wedding proofs are ready to view! Just one reason why Larry Spencer and Spencer Photography are the best!"

 Courtney Sankovich 

 Willoughby, Ohio


"Spencer Photography were the most amazing people to work with -- from the engagement session to the last moments of the wedding day-- professional, talented, and most of all FUN!"
Stephanie Mowery

 Mother of Bride, Alyssa Stephens


"I just saw Court and Mark's wedding album. I can't stop smiling! You're work is amazing. Thanks for everything, you're the best!"

 Joni Rowen

Mother of bride Courtney Sankovich


"These pictures are amazing!! Signing with you is definitely the best decision we made in our wedding planning!!"
Lisa Dimmock 

 Cleveland, Ohio




"Love this photographer! They were always there but never in the way. Creative and professional. Book them fast!!!!!"

 Denise Roether Gunter

Aunt of groom, Matt Hildebrandt
Married 9-13-14


"These pictures are making me cry because the emotion of the day was so beautifully captured. Hiring you was the best wedding decision I made!!
(Besides marrying Nick of course!)"
Ryann Sefcik
Akron, Ohio

"You would think that after all these years and all the pics you've done for me I would get used to how amazing you are.

No!! Literally every session you bring me to tears. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for always striving for greatness

and never settling for anything but great. You have done it once more. And we look forward to many many more!!"

Lauren DeShon 

Akron, Ohio



"Amazing! Great job! I am seriously pleased with your work. LOVE the photos!"

 Sheryl Brooke

 Akron, Ohio


"Thank you, Larry, for all the amazing pictures (and your patience) The day wouldn't have gone as good as it did without you!"


 Lisa Barto

 Cleveland, Ohio


 "We received our package of our custom prints today. I thought I completely understood why you don't sell CD's until I held the print...in my hand. It takes my breath away. I feel like I have purchased my first "fine art" pieces for our home. Thank you, Larry, for this amazing gift."


 Merry Rini
Massillon, Ohio


"Thank you Mr. Spencer for everything you did to capture the heart and soul of this wonderful day!When the day is done we only have our memories left of it and these wonderful photos will let the day live on forever!


 Deb Skrtich

 Mother of groom James Skrtich


"What Larry Spencer does with his photography is remarkable!!!! Do yourself a favor and hire Spencer Photography for your next event!!!!!! You will not be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!"

 Donna Angelotti

 Mother of Bride Ryann Sefcik


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